Are you on Twitter? Join the team by liking their new icon and move on

News 09:02 February 2024:

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For you to be reading this, you are definitely on Twitter.  It is an awesome platform and that is something we cannot deny.  It has a large number of users tweeting, re-tweeting, liking and following just to name a few.  But as a user, what do you enjoy about Twitter likes do you have a reason to hit the key.  Just in case you get confused here, what is referred to as likes used to be the favorites until a few months ago when Twitter made the change?  It is therefore important to get your facts right as you read on.

Available research shows that Twitter likes have become popular with users preferring them to favorites.  Lest you forget, there is no harm to jog your memory a little.  When the likes key was introduced, the mix reaction and outrage was overwhelming with others thinking that they loved the earlier icon compared to the new heart.  One thing we need to understand as we get used to the new icon is that the battle on social media platform will continue each time a new icon is introduced.